Where it all began


I was born in 1975 in the Western Cape town of Riversdale. We moved to Welcome in the Orange Freestate a few years later and it was there that I have my first memory of drawing - lots and lots of cowboys!

Later we moved to farms in the Koue Bokkeveld. During this time I discovered the joys of comics and continued drawing.

After matriculating in 1993 at Worcester Gymnasium, where I attended to the Hugo Naudè Art Centre, I moved to Cape Town to study Graphic Design at the Cape Technicon. Graduating in 1996 with a National Diploma, I accepted a contract to work as a T-shirt and clothing graphics designer for FAST FORWARD INDUSTRIES in Mauritius. It was on the island that I began filling sketchbooks, chronicling ideas and extremely vivid dreams. This is then also the beginning of the Oneironaut.

Returning to Cape Town in 1998, I worked in several different McJobs before freelancing as a storyboard artist presentation renderer for OGILVY CT. Not having a permanent employer turned out to be a good thing! In the following years I worked as a freelancer for a few advertising agencies that include ; OGILVY, LOWE BULL, DRAFT FCB, BESTER BURKE & ORD. Throwing the net wider, I did illustration work for MASKEW MILLER LONGMAN, McMILLAN SA, CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY PRESS and OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS.

Apart from the commercial work, I continued working on various personal projects and experiments. During 2001 I joined the IGUBU COMICS COLLECTIVE ( later DKP) and had some of my short comix printed in publications initiated by the collectve, namely; IGUBU ZERO, IGUBU HELIX and CLOCKWORX. I also had some of these published with a Dutch fanzine called HOLLAND SF. As a member of the collective I took part in exhibitions for COMICS GALORE & COMICS BREW from 2004 - 2006.

In 2007 I finally got round to familiarize myself with Photoshop - but better late than never! During that year I was contracted as a concept artist for CHARACTER MATTERS on the “Easter Story” animation project and I am currently working in this capacity for LIGHTHOUSE SFX & SUNRISE PICTURES on the “BlueBlood” project. At the same time I’m juggling other freelance jobs and have been contributing illustrations to the “ANDERCULTURE” fetish and glamour publication.

I continue to live, work and dream in Cape Town.